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Trattoria di Coppola was born with the idea of ​​re-proposing, in a retro but modern way, the most typical Italian concept in terms of catering: the trattoria. The trattoria has been a meeting place for over a century in which people from all walks of life went to eat wholesome food, often homemade, and dishes with simple recipes from the Italian tradition and more specifically from the region to which they belong.

The Trattoria di Coppola, which takes its name from its creator and manager Ciro Coppola, started from this tradition and revisited spaces and contents. In an environment that evokes the 50's style (a period of real growth and affirmation of trattorias in Italy) it is possible to taste the dishes of the regional Italian tradition, in particular of the Neapolitan cuisine (of which Ciro Coppola originates)

Tradition yes but also creativity in the restaurant to enrich the typical dishes with absolute creative novelties of the Chef, indeed of the Chef, who together with the "Tractor" welcome guests by offering them the best possible quality.

Eating well and drinking well, in "Trattoria" the wine is the other protagonist to accompany lunches and dinners and the choice is rather generous starting from the wine "at home" or ranging between the different levels of wines from various regions of Italy, a wide variety to please everyone, even the true goblet lovers.

In the Trattoria di Coppola the Italy of the past and that of today merge to dedicate good national cuisine to the people that more than any other in the world knows how to eat and drink with taste, love and passion.

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