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Restaurant in Calvenzano, 30 km from Bergamo, who has been able to make quality and tradition its victorious weapons.

The Giardino dei Sapori has a fairly wide menu menu that gets changed twice a year, but it is also not difficult to find off-the-card proposals that interpret seasons and match the chef's imagination.

The cuisine of this restaurant in Calvenzano is based on the genuineness and the quality of the raw materials and the careful working. One of the strongest dishes is the appetizer of local salami (some of which are self-produced), excellent first pasta dishes and the classic elephant eel cutlet.

One note apart from the desserts, all self produced and really delicious: tiramisu, rebelot, traditional pie, ice cream...

The environment is rustic and somewhat original, the cozy atmosphere, the dishes prepared and presented with great care...all this coupled with the sensitivity towards intolerances and food allergies, the genuineness of the cuisine and the selected wine list make this restaurant in Calvenzano a really nice place to have lunch or dinner, alone or in company.

Consider also the fact that at lunchtime there is the work menu for those who have little time and eating often outside the home but wanting to keep down the costs without giving up to eat well. Also at the Giardino dei Sapori you will find very good and super digestible pizzas. Some really delicious as the home pizza: sausage zucchini baked potato cherry tomatoes. And what about special pizzas stuffed with apples and speck or pears and gorgonzola?

Absolutely to try. We are waiting for you.

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