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The Osteria dell'Angelo was born from an idea of Settimo Ravasi and his wife Marta Ernesta, who in 1928 acquired the license to open a kitchen serving the peasants and traders of the area.

In 1958 his son Renato bought the farmhouse and began to restructure the Osteria, transforming it into a landmark for workers and truckers thanks to its simple but rich taste.

With the arrival of the third generation of Ravasi, who still run the place, the restaurant has become as you can see it today: two simple but elegant interior rooms and a large air-conditioned veranda for a total of 80 seats.

The family atmosphere remained the same as ever, while the kitchen evolved thanks to the fantasy and passion of Chef Settimo, niece of the founders of the Osteria.

The new menu of the Osteria dell'Angelo has in fact preserved the cuisine of the territory, renewing it and focusing mainly on risottos.

Another specialty of the house is, in addition to its precious homemade cured meats, chianina and bison meat served on a particular stone chopper.

Osteria dell'Angelo is the ideal place to enjoy typical Bergamasque cuisine in a family friendly atmosphere, without sacrificing a bit of refinement.
Reservations are welcome.

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